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Best-selling author, internationally syndicated newspaper columnist,
TV series creator, difficult-to-simple translator, lecturer seeks
marketing, build-up, tear-down or
running a mop around the room kind a' career position



universal press syndicate (1988-)

Created, write and illustrate You Can with Beakman & Jax, a syndicated newspaper feature that answers readers' real questions about how the real world really works. At peak, published in 6 languages, in 13 nations, with weekly circulation of 52,000,000.

Created, wrote, developed funding for Beakman's World television series. Four seasons on CBS and internationally syndicated.

Created and managed team-development of grammar and junior high school curricula and other teaching materials, based on comic strip and TV show.

Authored 4 best-selling books based on You Can, as well as calendars and other book-plus materials.

lucasfilm, ltd (1980-88)

Special Projects Manager — Wrote, edited and published Star Wars Magazine. Operated mail-order business based on the magazine. Maintained audience relations, writing and computer-assembled fan mail responses. Wrote and produced media kits and marketing materials. Wrote/produced hint books for Lucasfilm Games division.

Pretty much was the go-to-guy when a new project didn't have an existing job description.

KZAP - KTIM/KTIM-FM (1969-80)

News/Public Affairs Director — Wrote and broadcast 8 newscasts daily. Budgeted and managed staff of 6. Spot writing and production.


Christo and jeanne-claude (1976-)

Writer/webMaster/creator of artists' webSite that pioneered live video webCast of art projects being installed.








Current Projects


TED Conferences


Developing a TED-related Gay conference
creating with my friends/associates:

  • Howard Roffman — Photographer, President of Lucasfilm, Ltd. division of Disney.
  • Jake Shears — Composer/lead-vocalist with Scissor Sisters R&R band.

TED Speaker:

Personal Web Page:

Big Joy Project

  • Executive Producer of James Broughton documentary









Skills & Interests


Designed and hands-on built the lodge at Sassafras, Short Mountain, Tennessee

HTML knowledge: Live webCast of The Wrapped Reichstag necessitated creation of mirror site servers and first ever code (1995) to randomly select files from scores of mirror sites set up by .edu sites worldwide.

Fully CS-6 literate. The Beakman & Jax comic strip was the first newspaper feature ever created on and distributed by computer, back when the Internet was born.

MS Office proficient

Audio prodution.

Animation (see Jok Church YouTube channel.)

With a bit of time and exploration. built this onLine resume.

I stir up a great kettle of various soups.









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